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    Danni V2 [Sale opens November 25th @ 4pm EST!]

     **THIS IS A PRE-ORDER!! These dolls wont ship for at least 5-7 months from the pre-order date!! Please be aware of this before purchase!!**

    Danni V2 body measurements:

    • Height: 41cm
    • Wig size: 6 – 7in
    • Eyes: 16 – 18mm
    • Neck: 6.5cm
    • Torso (shoulder to crotch): 12.5cm
    • Shoulders: 18cm
    • Bust: 15.5cm
    • Arm length (wrist to shoulder): 10.5cm
    • Upper Arm circumference: 5cm
    • Waist: 13.5cm
    • Hips: 24.5cm
    • Thigh circumference : 15cm
    • Leg length (hip to ankle): 21.5cm
    • Feet: 5.5cm

    Danni v2 comes with with:

    • Unpainted Full doll
    • Magnetic Horns
    • 3x Extra Hands
    • Heeled Feet
    • Resin Shoes
    • 18mm Eyes
    • Certificate of Authenticity
    • Doll Bag

    INFO ON LAYAWAY PLAN: If you plan on choosing a layaway, you will be paying $350 + shipping as a non-refundable deposit and you will be receiving four invoices starting the next month from purchase! I will be emailing you more details such as due dates and your monthly payment once your order is processed so please be sure to use a email that is best for contact with your order!

    If you’re buying this doll with any other non-doll items, they will be shipped separately!

    Please keep in mind that certain resin colors may appear different depending on screen brightness and color settings!

    Please check my Doll FAQ, Store FAQ, as well as my Doll Info page prior to purchase.

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    Danni V2 [Sale opens November 25th @ 4pm EST!]

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