About rap1993

Where are you located?

I’m currently located in Florida

What kind of Tablet do you use?

I use a iPad Pro 11in 2nd gen with a 2nd gen Apple Pencil and my computer is the Wacom Mobile Studio Pro 13

What kind of painting programs do you use?

I currently use Clip Paint Studio Pro and Procreate when I’m drawing on my iPad, and I use zbrush for 3D sculpting and creating my dolls, and occasionally use Nomad on the iPad for sculpting.

Can I draw fanart/do fanart of [insert anything I’ve drawn]?

You don’t have to ask! I’ll greatly appreciate whatever you create!

Will you be at [insert convention]?

It greatly depends on the convention and the where it’s located! If I have a confirmed convention that I’m going to, I’ll be sure to update my convention list and make an announcement on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.