Dolls FAQ

What are these dolls?

They are called BJDs (Ball Jointed Dolls), dolls that made multiple ball joints to have more points of articulation and movement than the average doll and can come as small as a few inches to several feet tall. They can be made from any kind of plastic or porcelain, however, I like to collect and make the resin ones.

Did you make these dolls? How did you make them?

Yes! I sculpt my dolls in a 3D sculpting program called Zbrush, then have the doll 3d printed, and lastly prepped to have them cast in resin

How can I buy your dolls? Do you have any dolls in stock?

Due to the process of how these dolls are made, they are only purchasable during pre-orders periods with a limited number of spots. Outside of preorders, I normally do not have dolls in stock unless I say otherwise.

How do your pre-orders work?

The way my pre-orders work are usually done on a specific date and time with a limited number of slots. Once the preorder closes, the dolls will begin to be made. The current processing time for a doll to be made and shipped is between 4 – 6 months.

When’s the next preorder for [insert dolls name]?

It greatly depends. I normally don’t have a specific date for a doll preorder usually about a month or so before, so until then, I can’t say. Be sure to check on my Instagram for any info for the next preorder. If I ever discontinue a doll, it will also be mentioned.

Ok, how much are your dolls?

It depends on which sculpt of mine. Each of the sculpts have different prices, please check the store for the cost

Do you accept layaways?

Yes I do! The way I do layaways for doll orders is that you pay a deposit upfront (usually around half the cost of the doll) and the payment is split into equal payments over the course of 3 – 4 months through invoices. You’re free to pay off your order early anytime, just contact me when you do. Once the payment is completely paid off, your order will shipped when it’s ready.

Can you make a doll for me/can I commission you for a custom doll?

Sorry I don’t accept commissions to make dolls