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Bunny Girls Faceplates



**THIS IS A PRE-ORDER!! These faceplates wont ship for at least 3 – 4 months from the pre-order!! Please be aware of this before purchase!!**

These are faceplates thats are compatible with the Bunny Girls body and Danni V1 body with the Bunny Girls head back!

Please note that these faceplates are sold blank unless you purchase a face up and may have a slight color difference due to the amount of time passed since the original dolls that were cast in 2020 and earlier and other factors such as sun exposure and differences in each resin batch! These CANNOT be returned if they do not match your doll made from previous years!

Please keep in mind that certain resin colors may appear different depending on screen brightness and color settings!

If you’re buying this doll with any other non-doll items, they will be shipped separately!

Please check my FAQ if you have any questions and my Doll Info page if you want more info on Anie and Mae

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